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Fun with Vocab – My Home


Size: 29.5 cm (W) x 5.5 cm (D) x 33 cm (H)

Inside this pack:

 Fun with Vocab – My Home

 Patrick n friends character x 2 pcs

Fun with Vocab is a new series of talking activity books designed by CROCOPen™. The Fun with Vocab series consists of 4 books of different subjects – Nature, My Home, Human and City. Each book is designed to expand children’s vocabulary, improve spelling, pronunciation, and most importantly, there are games in the books to encourage active and fun learning. With more than 1000 vocabularies and sounds, 24 interactive games and beautiful graphics, the Fun with Vocab series is going to capture any kid’s attention for faster learning! Collect them all now and bring children into the wonderful learning journey with CROCOPen™ today!

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